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Extra Links To Other Cool Sites.

 This page is just for little known helpful hints, fun sites, etc. I wanted there to be some  method to the madness so rather than cram everything else into the work opportunities I made a separate page for all the other stuff that didn't fit under the other areas.

I found this place while looking for a discount on a gift of a mag suscription. I saved $3. more than the special the mag was giving & $13. from the normal subscribing rate. Plus they have a link to a cool pastry making site that shows you how to make special occasion sweets.

If you'd love to be an actor you can go here & find places in Ky. that are making movies, commercials, etc. Almost every state has at least one film commission.

 You can post an e-mail at & describe how you support the troops. If you want to send a care package &/or think the Red Cross is a rip off as most vets do you can do it here instead. It's . If you just want to send a note of thanks you can help this teen by sending them through her site at

This site are for those who like nice restaurants but hate the prices. You put in your zip & they tell you what's available. Though discounts are different, most are $10. for $25. Every now & then you can get $10.-$25. for only $2. I've used them several times. Especially when I want to try a new place. But there are some older ones on there too. There are a lot of local restaurants that take them.

This place evaluates & compares drugs on effectiveness & price so you can get the best value for your money. It's a new web site by consumer reports.

If you're among the millions who can't afford their prescription drugs this is a number where you can get them at a discount or in some cases free. It's 1-888-4PPA Now.

I had a doctor that wanted to perform surgery. But there was just a bad feeling about her so I checked her out on this government website. If you want a full report there's another site that charges $7.95. It's But the link to this site is free. Plus it has a lot of other need to know info.

This is just a fun link. Can't afford a new dress but hubby has lots of duck tape in the garage? Show him how cheaply you can look chic.

With the above theme in mind this place is great for finding candy from your childhood. Makes a really unique gift for someone special. I could hardly believe they had so many old favorites.

If you like botanical, expensive bath gels, lotions, etc. you won't believe some of the prices here. They even include a freebie with purchase.

Taking care of the earth is everyone's responsibility. But getting paid to do it is even better. These 2 sites pay you for old cell phones. Some get as high as $65. It almost makes you want to go dumpster diving. Anyway they are &

  Ever had chocolate get on a fav piece of clothing? This is an almost unheard of remedy that works. Soak the stain in whole milk for about a half of an hour. Then handwash the spot with soap & cold water. If a little is still left just repeat. My mom gave me this tip 15 yrs. ago & it works everytime.
   Like that new Whippie Frosting? You can make it yourself by using Cool Whip & a mixer until it forms stiffer peaks. I add strawberry or chocolate syrup if I want a different flavor. Or if you want it richer or more flavor options take your fav pudding, cut the milk in half & once thickened stir in the Cool Whip. Generic whipped cream works just as well with all the ingredients.
   Speaking of frosting if you chill the bowl & beaters you'll get stiff peaks faster. This is also true of merangue.
If you live in a high altitude add a little cream of tarter or baking powder (not soda) & use corn syrup instead of sugar in the merangue. It makes twice as much.
    If you want a better tasting box cake mix add milk & butter instead of water & oil.

Have favorite dinnerware that's missing pieces? Here's one place to find them.

Or here is another good place to find them.

If you tend to get attached to old objects like mixers & such that have been discontinued & are missing parts this place is great. They can uncover accessories & parts for products up to 20 yrs. old.

If you have a fav wallpaper that's been retired or just looking for one that's different try here.

If you'd rather paint but want to see what it would look like first this site is fun. You can pick a room & virtually paint it.

I can't see paying to find out if you might have missing money without knowing for sure it's yours. Every state has an unclaimed property division. It can be anything from insurance to paychecks, heirlooms, etc. It really is amazing. I found money for several people by going to this site & getting the link to my state. You go to Finding and getting it are both free.

Does a favorite old afghan have a tear? Or do you just want to knit something you loved from your childhood & that type of yarn has been discontinued? This is the place to go.

Or if you're on the "More To Love" side try here.

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