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Welcome Winter Sunset

 Since it's been awhile since I've had the chance to add new free and/or cool sites I decided to add a bunch of new ones. So be sure to check out all the pages. This is a site I decided to create in rebellion of all those sites with freebies that have secret catches that have cost me a small fortune for nothing. For 5 yrs. I've searched the web relentlessly for the best it has to offer. Needless to say I've also wasted a lot of time with deals that were little more than a waste of time.
There will be no paid advertising unless noted. But I won't link it even then unless I've used it & been satisfied with the results.
I have no way to share your info & wouldn't even if I could. That's not why I'm doing this. I'm just tired of seeing so many people getting ripped off to where they don't trust anyone anymore. All you'll discover here is info on finding some really great stuff for cheap but in most cases free. Plus a few that were just plain fun.
I've listed sites for discontinued & hard to find items, cooking & cleaning tips, childhood fav toys & candy, consumer info... you name it. As time allows & I find them I'll continue adding more.
Time is money & there is a treasure chest full of neat links to save both. So check them all out & if it helps & you can afford it I'd greatly appreciate a couple of dollars donation to keep it going.
  I will keep the site active to help others & occasionally add something new.  A note of thanks if you can't afford a donation would be welcomed. We all need to know our giving is making a difference.

Sorry to add this little downer but ever since I started this free site especially with the free mystery shopping sites & car wraps some twisted people have been sending me e-mail viruses. Luckily I have virus protection that won't allow me to open e-mail with viruses. But I know some can't afford it. If you go to they'll give you a free virus protection & spyware remover just for the asking whether you get your internet access from them or not. I'd hate to see someone have to spend a lot of money fixing what could have been prevented for free.

Here's another new mystery shopping site that's fun.

This is a new one & I couldn't wait until the next update. This site is one of the corporations that hire you to advertise on your car & even sometimes provide the car. It doesn't cost anything to join but there's usually a waiting list of 3-4 months. But so are the others you pay for, only they don't tell you that until you fork the money over. This one costs nothing & explains the process completely. It is just so cool.

This is a tip for those new to the web. I'm constantly adding new links so whenever you return be sure to click on the refresh button to make sure you're getting the latest revision.

This link is really important if you're thinking of spending money on working at home. The Federal Trade Commission currently has over 200 internet work at home scams under indictment. This link will take you to the full story & a list of all the companies under indictment.

Here you'll find actual mystery shopping sites, instead of links to people who charge. There will be helpful hints & tips, free gaming places, sites that pay you to surf & lots of other stuff. I'll add new stuff all the time & anyone who wants to add something just contact me. If I check it out & it's legit I'll give your name credit & the good Lord will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling from helping others for obviously I can't afford any monetary rewards.
   But check out all the pages because I have links on all of them except of course the "contact me" page.

What's New?
As long as I can afford the time I'll keep adding new links so keep checking back. I don't like pop up ads & won't use them. So if you see any they aren't mine & I won't be responsible for their content.

I just checked all the links to ensure they are current. But should one not work I'd appreciate you contacting me so I can fix it.

I built this site with tripod's site builder. It's free & so easy. If I had known how easy I would have created one a long time ago. Even the membership is free. I had to work harder than this on webtv. This one has been fun.

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This is a really cool free website where you can enter the store's name or website you want to shop & they give you coupon codes.

Anyone who thinks the Supreme Court's decision on eminent domain is wrong needs to know the facts & get involved. If it wasn't something to worry about then why is the Congress & Senate acting so fast to pass bills in hopes of deterring it some? Go to & find out the truth & how you can make a difference.

If you agree that no one should go hungry this is a simple way to help that just takes a second to click on. It's

If you have brittle bones, thyroid disease or a host of other disorders or diseases you really need to check out this place. I couldn't believe the difference in my energy level within just a few days of drinking water without flouride in it.  This site is a must read, especially if you and/or family & friends drink a lot of city water. After a couple of years of going back to city water there has been one medical problem after another. It made no sense as I've always been extremely healthy. I never made a connection. The doctor's & dentist's info on this site seems to explain alot. After only a couple of days back on bottled water I already feel less fatigued.

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