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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

   I'm a redheaded hillbilly who's now over half a century old. I love helping people & doing various kinds of research. My current craze is genealogy. A year ago it was corrupt government officials & before that nursing home abuse.
   I love meeting new people & learning. Life & all of it wonders fascinate me.
   My political views are so diverse you could either call me a conservative liberal or a wild conservative. They are views seen from both sides at various times in my life so I have a little more understanding of both sides than most. Though poor now, I have had money. My life kinda fits the poem Desterada (sp?). Everyone has their worth. No lifeboats here. We all sink or swim.
   That's why I created this site. I know there will be some that want something for nothing. But who doesn't. That doesn't make them bad. If it helps someone who really needs it then who cares who else profits?
   Anyway on to more about me.

   I grew up in a small town in northeastern Ky. that I always call Ky's best kept secret. Besides the ton of early American history here (we were part of VA. until 1803) we have so much going on that it amazes me so few have heard of it.
   Plenty of stuff to do for less than anywhere else I know of. So if you're anywhere near northeastern Ky. stop by. Even if not, it's worth the trip. It's clean, cheap family fun. No drinking allowed except at a few bars and restaurants unless you cross the river to Ohio or W.V. You can vist all 3 states in less than an hour. If you want to know more about the summer free concerts & festivals check out . Definitely worth the trip for the music alone. This year's main free concert is Lee Greenwood but there are a bunch of other big names. Rock, chriatian & country. Check it out.
   There are museums, broadway shows & so many other things for free or cheap. Even the cost of living here is inexpensive. Yet our population is less than 25,000. Most of them all friendly. Last year double the population showed up just for summer motion.
   One thing a friend of mine got a kick out of was being here for only one day & being able to go home & say she spent her weekend shopping in Ky., Ohio & W.Va.
   I've lived in Louisville as well as Dallas, Texas & Phoenix, Arizona. But I still think this town's the best.

If you like a touch of Broadway for cheap The Paramount theatre is great. Though it's been recently added on to the Paramount still maintains the building originally built as one of only 12 studios commisioned in the U.S. by the Paramount in California. Only 6 were built & ours is the only one still in use. Why they picked our small town is a question lost to history. But it's been well taken care of. Plus it has it's own place in Shadowlands Haunted America.

Since so many celebrities are from this region Ky. Highlands Museum not only gives you a glimpse into our Appalachian history but a special section devoted to all the musicians from this area like Billy Ray Cyrus, Ricky Scaggs, The Judds, etc. with lots of memorabilia donated personally by the stars. If you have a museum membership anywhere that includes other museums across the U.S. the Ky. Highlands Museum is included so it's free. Even if not it's only $4. for adults. They even have a hands on section for the kids. You can check out this one before going to a show at the Paramount. They are only 4 blocks away from each other. Or visit both on the web at this link or the one above.

If you're into genealogy you know it can be expensive but this is a freebie to a whole bunch of free sites. Of course it has links to ones that charge but I've found most of the things I need here.

This is my grandbaby Endymion Malachi.
His pappa just calls him Butch. :-)

This one is another freebie for genealogy. You can find a lot of births, marriages, death, etc. Plus they have a research room. If you have a local library of theirs you can get most of the pedigree files to look at for free.

If you had ancestors in Ohio that got lost try this site. The region of Ky. were I live just about everybody that lived in southern Ohio or western W.Va. passed through at one time or another in the 1800s. But many here also moved to Lawrence County, Ohio. I found lots of people from Scioto County ended up there. At one time they were part of Scioto County. That's how close they are. In any case it's a good place to look for missing kin.

What a job!

  I might describe my job in a little more detail here. I'll write about what I do, what I like best about it, and even some of the frustrations. (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)
   I can't really call genealogy a job since I don't get regular paychecks. But have you ever tried to find a relative named John that has 50 cousins in town with the same name? You kinda get the idea.
   But it's fun. You almost come to know these strangers as if family. It's the next best thing to a time tunnel.


 We personally have a soft spot for mutts but even pure breds need a good home. So if you'd rather adopt a pure bred go

   Everyone has a favorite modern movie. But my favorite old one was The Wave with Bruce Davidson.
   Believe it or not it was an afternoon special on ABC. Most of these were kinda stupid even for a pre-teen, let alone a grown adult. But this one has stayed with me for over 20 yrs.
   It made me see for the first time how easy it was for Hitler to get kids to join the SS & do all the things they did. What's even more frightening is I see it going on today through media bias & way too liberal educators.
   In my opinion everyone should see this. There's a free download at but sometimes I couldn't get it in when I had dial up. It's works fine now on broadband. There's some other interesting downloads there too.

   Of course being a former flower child I love Dylan, Joan Baez & Joanie Mitchell. But I like a few of my son's like Lincoln Park.
   When I'm feeling a little wild I like Led Zepplin, The Who & ELO.
   If I'm depressed I like BB King & Ben E. King.
   Country favs are Travis Trit, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, B.J. Thomas, Garth & Willie Nelson. Before anyone asks yes I like my hometown girls The Judds but they're not my favorites.
   I guess my favs are contemporary gospel & even that has a wide range from Kirk Franklin to Josh Graban.
   So basically I like all kinds of music as long as it is real.

I love anything to do with space & star gazing is one of my favs when the weather is warm. This site tells you all kinds of stuff about outer space.

This is my son Michael at the end of the train.
He's the reason we're all a little locofortrains.