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To keep you on your toes & make my work a little easier be sure to check all the pages as you never know when or where I might add a new freebie.

Did you know google offers a free directory assistance by phone? I tried it today & was amazed at the ease. I called 1-800-466-4411 (1-800-Goog411 to make it easy to remember)). There were no ads, I was given options, it took voice & number commands & even connected me for free. My carrier charges $0.75 just to get me the number (which is often wrong) and then more to connect me. This is great.

This is a shop I've worked for so seldom I can't really tell you much about them. But it doesn't charge you to work for them and they do pay you.

Same goes for this one.

This one has a lot of places, promises they pay quicker than the others and offer to pay more than most. But I haven't had a chance to work for them yet.

I found 2 more mystery shop sites. So I'm going to add them now. The first one you fill out a resume & employers find you. You'd be surprised how many employers actually look here first, especially if you live in a small town where it's hard to find the right people w/o going through tons of applicants. They have everything from mystery shops, merchandising, full/part times jobs, etc. Check it out.

I'm going to list these all together as they are somewhat related: - they buy old electronics for a costco gift card. -  you can sell xboxes or ipods to them and - sell or get credit towards buying other cds
These next two are self explanatory in their website name:

This place always needs shoppers & merchandisers. They cover the whole U.S.

This page is mainly for mystery shops that I know pay you. All are free to work for. I'll also include a few other free sites I've enjoyed.

I've been told this site is one of the largest mystery shopping co. out there. They do have a lot of stores & pay well.

Here's another new mystery shopping site. They are mostly in the mid section of the country, west & south. But have some pretty much in every state. They have a map where you can see if anything's available near where you live in each state before you sign up.

This mystery shopper site has links to other mystery shopper corps. as well.

This one expects alot & doesn't pay much but you're welcome to add it to your efforts.

This one has several sites that hire. It's

Another mystery shop

Please read the next one carefully before committing.

This one is located in Ohio & immediately turns over your social security number to the government. Though you don't pay taxes until $600. a year it leaves a money & work trail. Knowing Ohio it doesn't surprise me but I think it's a shame to pick on those who only make a few dollars here & there so I wanted to warn you. But it's here if you want to work for them.

Here's another one.

These are really fun. You get to sit around with a bunch of people discussing new products & get paid good for your time. Though you're not needed as often & they only have 15 offices in the U.S. they pay better & require less time than mystery shopping.

If you like to play bingo, maybe win & don't want to pay for it, this site is great. I've only won a couple of dollars a few times but they do have some high paying ones. Plus everytime you play you get points you can apply towards prizes & being able to chat while playing makes it that much more fun.

Everybody is familiar with free trials that cost shipping & handling. This site has a lot of those plus freebies. The thing that makes it different is you get paid to try them & the amount they pay is always more than the shipping. Plus they pay you to read e-mails. You won't get rich quick but even w/o referrals it's a nice chunk especially if you were going to try the free trials anyway.

To be fair if you're trying to quit smoking & not having any luck there's a toll free number you can call for free support. It's 1-800-Quit Now. It's about time all the money recovered from the manufacturers was used for what it was intended for.

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